COVID-19 and Baseball

The COVID-19 and baseball don’t mix well as Major League Baseball announced that all operations have been paused until further notice. This includes Major League Baseball, 2020 World Baseball Classic Qualifier, and Minor League Baseball.

Major League Baseball canceled the remainder of spring training and will be pushing back the start of the regular season at least two weeks. They will be working to get the suspended games scheduled and planned out as they monitor the national emergency created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

MLB Coronavirus News Release
Image Credit: Major League Baseball

In the news release above that Major League Baseball put out. The World Baseball Classic Qualifier in Tucson, AZ has been postponed. The event was to take place on March 13-25, 2020. MLB officials have yet to announce the new dates.

WBCQ Flyer
Image Credit: World Baseball Classic – Major League Baseball

Minor League Baseball released a statement shortly after their partners over at Major League Baseball. They also will be moving the start of the regular season back to a later date. The projected start date is unknown.

Minor League Baseball Coronavirus statement
Image Credit: Minor League Baseball

The COVID-19 is no joking matter and you should implement everything that health officials advise. If you need information on the COVID-19, please take a look at CDC.

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